Sunday, 4 July 2010

Ready to go?

Are we ready? Well... we've made about 3 trips back into Campie this weekend for things that we think might be useful.... some maths workbooks..... some letters.... the Curriculum for Excellence posters (well they might like them!) The big question now is will it all fit?

We've been to Ali's Cave and bought many Scottish flags. There were St Andrew's raincoat ponchos and I did think of buying 6. Can you just imagine 6 of us cycling in the pouring rain wearing St Andrew's flag ponchos? Nah, that was too extrovert, even for me and Geoff would have died!

We plan to leave Edinburgh at 4.45pm tomorrow, flying to Heathrow then overnight to Bangkok and flying on to Chiang Mai where we will arrive at 8pm Tuesday.

Watch this excited!


  1. Sheena & Jamie5 July 2010 at 00:39

    We've found you on the map. What a long way!! Good luck

  2. Thanks Mark, we always appreciate your commitment to the Burmese people. Sheila