Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Campie go to CDC, Thailand

Katherine MacNaughton, Alicia Macfarlane, Hannah Alcock and Sheila Laing are all off to CDC School, Mae Sot, Thailand on Monday 5 July 2010. We get to Chiang Mai in Thailand at 8pm on Tuesday 6th. We plan to visit Dr Thein Lwin's Migrant Learning Centre then travel to Mae Sot and CDC School on Thursday 8 July. Watch this space to see how it goes......


  1. hiyaa hooe campie teachers have a great time at the cdc school
    bye x

  2. Bag is packed! Far too excited to even think about sleeping. Look forward to sharing our experience with you all. Hannah

  3. You packed your bag at 1342hrs, Miss Alcock? I better get mine done at 2334hrs! Ms L

  4. are you all having a good time? Hope youhave fun!!