Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I Feel Good!

The nursery was just lovely today! We walked in to find them all doing an active learning session in pairs. The children were given the English word for a body part by the teacher and they were then to point to that part on their partner. One of the groups was playing elbow to elbow, knee to knee. The children were so gentle with each other. It was super to watch all this going on and with such good adult : child ratios. The staff are amazing. We then gave it our all with some Fischy music!! What good ears for new language these children have?So young - 3,4 and 5 years old!

Both Grade 1's managed to get a short lesson on being happy - Emotional Literacy - similar stuff to our Creating Confident Kids Programme.

Before coming out to Thailand I had planned a series of lessons on children around the world and their rights - what you need and want to survive the world over. However having spent time teaching them songs such as I Feel Good by Fischy Music it seemed to make sense to link the work to emotions.

We looked at pictures of happy children and talked about why they may be happy. They then had to choose a favourite picture, come out to the front and use a post-it note to identify the picture and give a reason why. One girl in the picture was identified as being happy because she had a sofa to sit on - nothing to do with the toys/dolls in her arms.

Tomorrow we will get them to talk about what makes them happy. I am looking forward to hearing what they say. We are unsure how much emotional literacy work these children get and it is so important they are able to express themselves and realise it is normal to feel the way they do. What makes these children tick? Is it similar to Campie chilren?

P.S. Is this not the cutest thing ever? Sheila played a relaxing song and told them to put their heads down - quite a few fell asleep instantly. No Ms Porter we did not bore them we exhausted them with singing, actions and maths!!

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