Sunday, 11 July 2010

Drookit in Mae Sot

3 drookit teachers, well actually 4, but I took the picture, walked back from Mae Tao Clinic tonight where we'd had apple pie at Lisa and Rocky's home. We stopped on the way for another glorious meal at Casa Mia, Sheila's favourite restaurant in the world. Full of pasta, we set out again to walk to our DK Hotel and then the Mae Sot Rainy season arrived. We started off wearing umbrellas, raincoats but soon gave up and walked down the main road rendering, 'We're singing in the rain......' and the Campie staff special song, 'It's raining men'. :)

The serious bit of this is that the rainy season here is nothing like it has been and crops are failing and there are serious water shortages, especially in Burma. Climate change is impacting adversely here as elsewhere in the world.


  1. He he, glad to see you're getting your fair share of rain :-) xxx

  2. Kirsty McGregor11 July 2010 at 13:58

    Hey guys!!!

    Hope you are all well and having a fabby time?! Looks amazing! Pics are ace esp the one with the world cup nails - LOVE THEM!! Haha!

    Take care
    Kirsty :-)

  3. Looking good girls!!!!xx