Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Grade 4

Spent the first few periods today with Grade 4's - who seemed massive compared to tiny little nursery and kindergarten children. We think the school had really thought about our meeting last night and wanted to share their Scottish visitors around. This was great news as this school has 1200 children and many visitors so this meant our profile within the school was raised.

The children enjoyed learning a little about Scottish culture and they all felt the came away knowing at least one thing to tell a friend or family member.

This boy in the hoodie was so into learning about Scotland. He made his way round the room looking at all the photos the other children were talking about.
This boy dutifully copied my (not so exact) map of the UK onto the back of his jotter - without being asked.
This boy seemed totally disengaged during the lesson however sat and copied out a detailed drawing of Campie School - kinaesthetic learner?!
We ended the day by putting our little Kindergarten class to sleep with our relaxing song - think every day showed end so peacefully!
Signing off for tonight - no brain cells left! We are all exhausted today!

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