Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Moei River

This morning we attempted to find one of CDC's boarding houses - and never made it! The instructions to get there were totally lost in translation and 2 phone calls later, courtesy of Louise, never resolved the problem.
So here we are at the Friendship Bridge which crosses the Moei River and over into Burma.This was our first glimpse of Burma across the Moei River. This brightly coloured house gives the impression of Burma being modern and affluent however when you look further along the river bank you see housing that tells a different story.

People live under the Friendship Bridge and use the river to clean in, wash clothes and as a place to dump their rubbish. We also saw this man expressing himself through music.

The Bridge marks an official crossing into Burma. We saw people being turned away at the border. Further down the river we could see large rubber tyres full of people and belongings crossing the river. The authorities are aware of this - can even see it happening, but a small payment allows them to turn a blind eye! Without so much as a second thought we can move pretty freely around the world.

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