Saturday, 6 February 2010

Campie - CDC Global Schools Partnership begins!

In December 2009, Campie Primary School, Musselburgh and Child Development Centre School, Mae Sot, Thailand heard that their bid to learn together through a DfID* Global Schools Partnership was successful. Hurray!

Campie Primary School is a school of 500 Nursery and Primary children (19 classes) in Musselburgh, East Lothian.

Child Development Centre School has 630 Nursery and Primary pupils in 15 classes. It's in Mae Sot, Thailand. The children and teachers are all there because they have had to leave Burma because they are in danger from the Burmese military leaders or because of the widespread poverty and hunger people face in Burma. They have no legal status in Thailand and are not even given official refugee status by the Thai Government. They are known as migrants. CDC School began as part of the world famous Mae Tao Clinic. In Mae Sot, the clinic is known as Dr Cynthia's clinic because it was started in 1988 by Dr Cynthia Maung to care for her people in exile. Read about the clinic on

Ms Laing, HT, Campie is honoured to meet Dr Cynthia Maung, Mae Tao Clinic
July 2009
Over the next year, children from the 2 schools will learn together about our world and teachers will visit each other's schools to help that happen. If this works out well, the 2 schools will apply to develop a Curriculum project over 3 further years.

2 Global Schools Partnerships already exist between Edinburgh Schools and 2 schools of Burmese refugees in Mae Sot Thailand. You can read about these at

So watch this space over 2010 to learn more about this exciting new partnership.

* Department for International Development