Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Preparing To Go

Campie's Ultimate Questions on PhotoPeach

Miss Macnaughton and Miss Lendrum started to prepare for their visit to CDC, Mae Sot. We leave next Sunday - so much to do and so little time.
The main learning during the visit will be around Ultimate Questions. We spent time this morning in a few classes preparing work to take to CDC to use with the children there. Each class we went to spent time discussing their answers to an Ultimate Question to create a poster
P1/2 looked at Is anger wrong?
P2 looked at Why should I care for others?
P5a discussed Who should be in charge of my life?
P5b discussed Do animals matter as much as people?
P5c discussed Should we test cosmetics on animals?

The answers and the reasons behind them were brilliant - noone was right or wrong - all answers were accepted.
A huge thanks to the children and the teachers for letting us visit today - you were amazing!
P.S. Once the posters have been returned to us we will post some of their answers