Thursday, 15 July 2010


As the girls sat writing their blog I pondered over tonight's events.

I had been feeling pretty good about tonight having attended Borderline's (shop and gallery) birthday celebrations. It was a lovely way to relax after our last day of teaching at school. I had purchased quite a few items including an original painting by a local Burmese artist - who I was more than delighted to have met tonight too!

The amount I spent was around the same as a CDC's teachers monthly salary - more than the local average. What could I have done with this amount of money instead? How many days worth of food for a Boarding House could I have contributed too? How could it have improved a family's living conditions and for how long? Would they really want my money - surely they just want to go home?

The good things about this purchase are the artist will receive 75% of the price I paid. It's great fair trade and at least I know it is going to a good cause. The other thing is I will have this reminder in my house, of Burma and its' people, and when visitors ask I will be able to share their stories and raise awareness of their plight.

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  1. We have found your Blog amazing. Luke has just commented that the number of Orphans is greater than the number of pupils in Campie!
    Your words have given us an insight into the plight of the Burmese children and made us aware of what we really have here...freedom
    Thanks so much for keeping the Blog and a safe trip home to you all.
    Love Hugh,Judith and Luke xoxoxo