Thursday, 8 July 2010

We're in Mae Sot!

About to leave Mae Sot on our Green Bus, Katherine is looking confident and happy.... until the first stop when she met her first squat toilet. She wasn't so happy then.... photo of cockroach in toilet to follow!

Tomorrow we visit CDC school, we're all very excited and can't believe it's Friday already!

Sheena and Jamie - thanks for your comment, we have not had time to miss Scotland yet although some colder weather would be good! How's the weather at home?

Keep the comments coming!


  1. Woo Hoo, glad you've all arrived safe and sound. Looking forward to your pics.

    Good luck for tomorrow. :-) Love to you all

  2. Hi Zoe, trying pics tomorrow so should manage it then. We were talking about you at tea with Lisa and her family tonight! Hope your granny's well. Love


  3. Hle Bee ex-pat9 July 2010 at 01:44

    Don't worry, ladies, the toilets will become second nature to you after a while...and you'll have very strong muscles in your legs! Has Sheila started the toilet talk yet? Brace yourselves.

    Good luck on your first day - have fun in CDC!
    Yours chuckling at the thought of those loos,
    Fiona x

  4. Aw, love to Lisa and her family!

    Granny's great, thank you -getting home next week -would you believe.

    CDC looks fabulous -wow loving the pics xx