Friday, 9 July 2010

A message for pregnant Scottish women

A songthau is a van type thing, that acts as a kind of bus. Here is one:

Today we were on one with 21 people (there are seats for 8). We were all sitting on each others knees and at every stop more people would get on. People were hanging off the back as we drove down the Asia highway. It was about a million degrees. At one stop a woman climbed on board with what looked like a towel. It was a brand new baby (born earlier today) wrapped in toweling. It's mother followed, left hanging off the end of the songthau having only just given birth. Not a word of complaint. Incredible.


  1. Em Zoe this was a message for pregnant Scottish women. Please tell us that's not you!

  2. Song Thau means two (song) benches (thau)

    so this taxi is a two benched taxi where passengers are picked up and dropped off where they want to be.........great form of transport, and yest they can get crowded but that is their way of doing things with no H&S jobsworthies around to interfere in peoples lives......