Friday, 9 July 2010

First day at CDC

What did we expect? I can't remember now but I was definitely suprised by our first visit to CDC.

Firstly I hadn't realised that so many pupils at CDC don't live with their families. Many of them live in what are described as boarding houses. Children who are orphaned or children whose families are still in Burma live in these. We will visit a boarding house tomorrow and be able to tell you more about them but they seem to vary in size, sometimes housing over 100 children.

Baring this in mind, it was suprising to be met by confident, noisy children in the middle of a chaotic lunch break which involved visits to the school tuck shop for ice cream for some.

Like Campie children they appeared to be getting cold milk although it did not come in a cardboard carton but a plastic bag more like a crisp packet - I will find out if this is for every child. The children get a free meal on a Friday funded by Help Without Frontiers which is an Italian charity. They get this one day a week as they are helping other schools in Mae Sot and there are so many children here. There are around 64 schools in Mae Sot - some are very small and take place in people's houses.
So following our bike ride to CDC we met with other teachers about our plans for next week. Hannah and I will pair up with Myo Nyunt who is a Grade 6 teacher, and Kath with Say Hei, the teacher who will visit Campie. We had a walk round CDC and met many children who greeted us with smiles and 'hellos'. The school is airy and bright and it sounds like we will be busy there next week. We stopped in at the CDC nursery, as well, then into Hle Bee School where the three of us led some singing and games with the wee ones- before heading back to DK. Visiting the school made the trip feel much more real, having the opportunity to meet people and see things for the first time. It was a truly exceptional day and we feel very lucky to be here.


  1. Good to hear how well the trip is going already! Great to hear about CDC and know that we are now connected to 3 schools in Mae Sot..this is such a great achievement! Glad to see Hannah Alicia and Kath are already keen bloggers and are loving the experience.
    The Pirniehall teachers will be arriving soon...Vanessa is already chilling in Chiang Mai!
    Will keep up with your adventures!
    Mary G

  2. It looks like you're all having a brilliant time - more snaps please!


  3. Have found you a new customer for your blog, Susan McAuley from Livingston, who's currently about 1000km South of you. :-)

  4. Looks amazing -so many students!! Everyone so cheerful!

    Who's lesson put the kids to sleep??

  5. Sheena, Jamie and Eric9 July 2010 at 12:01

    Hello again Campie teachers. The school looks great - what lovely kids! We were sad to read that children do not get enough food to eat. How are you finding the food? Has Miss McNaughton been back to the toilet yet?!!

  6. We're worried about the children not getting enough to eat as well. We are hoping to find out more about this and the work out what we can do to help. We have been enjoying the food although there has been tears over the chillies! Miss McN says that practise makes perfect!

  7. Glad going well guys. Amazing photos. Cant wait to hear all about it. Totally agree that Gillian should go next year!!