Saturday, 10 July 2010


Well what can we say?
We just had the most amazing night with 2 teachers from another Mae Sot school. It was so inspiring that it brought us all to tears.
This couple have dedicated their life to their pupils who they teach in their house. They get up at 4am to cook lunch for all their 120 students. They research up to date teaching approaches, teaching a relevant curriculum which includes: Burmese, English, Social Studies and Maths. They support child protection and teach the children how to look after themselves ensuring that they are aware of their rights addressing issues such as child trafficking, child soldiers and child labour. They hope to train other teachers in this. He has written books for teachers on how to teach Social Studies with similar approaches that we use in Scotland - this is a very unusual approach for Burmese migrant schools. On top of all this they have 2 children of their own!
These people are so selfless with what they have. They don't ask for anything and everything they do, they do for the future of their people, a future that can seem very bleak. Their level of commitment and persistence is almost incomprehensible to us and this evening we were truely humbled.

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  1. Great reading! What a very worth while trip.

    Best wishes,

    Tess Watson