Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Sorry to be boring!

No, Murray, even I can't make Monitoring and Evaluating Presentations fun! My interpreter was actually in a different meeting so Dr Cynthia Maung had to do the interpretations of How Good Is Our School. What an amazing woman she is. I presented to a small group of CDC managers and leaders. Data collection to show impact on pupils is very important to them for many reasons. With such data, their funding applications can be more successful. So it looks like I've found a wee job for my ever patient husband, who previously created an outstanding database for attainment for me and other schools. Geoff is about to convert a version of Roytracker into Burmese for CDC school. What a man!


  1. Bleedin rats in Burmese?! - I can't wait! Poor Geoff - he gets all the good jobs. Amazing to have set up web link! Well done, techno whizz.

    Good luck for the trip to BAngkok - I'll be thinking of you all!

    Fiona x

  2. That'll teach Geoff not to miss your boring presentations. ;-)

  3. Actually David, he was there and did his own off the cuff presentation on the tracking of pupil data... we make a very boring pair!