Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Trailblazer in Burmese Education

One of the names we have heard time and again through discussion with teachers in Mae Sot, is Dr. Thein Lwin. Sheila knows Thein Lwin and arranged what was a facinating and informative meeting for us, to find out more about his Critical Thinking movement in Burmese education. Providing training for teachers in Burmese migrant schools and refugee camps, the movement includes active learning and skills which encourage children to be able to think for themselves.
Unable to return to Burma for being politically active, Thein Lwin works tirelessly providing critical thinking training for teachers. His methods are founded in research and observation including that in Europe and America.
From children and adults alike, we heard of the hopes for the future generation of Burma. If democracry is to return, what could become of a country whose youth are uneducated or educated via authoritative rules and rote learning from government materials?
The hope for many lies in their education- a priviledge deeply valued by many Burmese who have moved to the Thai border looking for a better future.

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  1. Wonderful, I am so glad you have met Dr Thein Lwin. He is a wise educator who works tirelessly for the children of his people. I would have liked you to meet him before your trip but perhaps once you had some experience of Burmese schools, you could understand why his work is so important. Lots to talk about. Thein Lwin's work is supported by the Maitre Trust in Edinburgh, headed up by Angus Tulloch, who lives in East Lothian and is a friend of Don Ledingham's. Sheila