Saturday, 10 July 2010


No, not us .... but today while we were phoning a friend to get help because we were lost on the border, she later told us that she couldn't come to find us because her husband got arrested by the Thai police. For 3000 bhat (£60) they would release him. Why? No reason. In the end he got out for 2000 baht and some beer. We felt horrified that such a kind host is treated so badly because he is a migrant and Burmese.

Today we've seen very starkly how cruel life is here for the Burmese and Karen people.


  1. Hi Sheila and all
    Following your trip again this year, the problems these people encounter on a daily bases makes our problems here in wet wild Scotland fade instantly to trivia.
    Keep up the fantastic work guys.
    Gladys Stephen Alice and Kirsty
    Forthview family

  2. Marnie, Chris and Johdi10 July 2010 at 07:58

    Hi everyone,

    What an amazing experience you are having and its great for our kids to see how lucky they are. I am also learning a great deal by reading your blogs. The CDC are very lucky to have you and your talents to help them move on in the future.

    I hope one day they are able to get the facilities at the nursery, and I agree, Miss Lendrum would be brilliant at helping them. Its so sad those poor wee ones don't get the learning experience our little ones get.

    Your photos are great, keep them coming,

    Take care of yourselves, we are thinking of you.

    Marnie, Chris and Johdi x

  3. Dear Gladys, Stephen, Alice and Kirsty,
    Thank you so much for this blog. It's very encouraging. Keep your eye on Pirnie blog too. Yesterday we went to Hle Bee and it was LOVELY to see everyone. They are really missing Forthview teachers and were asking for teacher Fiona and teacher Irvine. However none of them have papers so they can't travel to Scotland to make the next stage of the trip possible, which makes the Global Schools Partnership difficult. Pirnie's Burmese teachers are coming to Edinburgh in Autumn if they get visas. Love to you all, Sheila

  4. Marnie, Chris and Jodie
    Thanks for blogging along with us. Read my daughter's too on