Sunday, 23 January 2011

How are things in Mae Sot now?

At Campie Parent Council this week, one of our parents asked how things are now on the Thai Burma border. You may remember that the day Say Hei arrived was the day that fighting broke out in Myawaddy, just across the river from Mae Sot, following the Burmese elections on 6 November 2010.

I just found this video from the Democratic Voice of Burma, a refugee newsagency operating from Norway on and it shows the latest news from the border. This is confirmed by our friends in Mae Sot.

However, at CDC, our friends are well and safe. They are beginning to prepare for the big end of school year exams in early March. Then they will have 2.5 months 'hot season' holiday. Campie classes are about to write to our link classes so they hear from us before their holidays.

Louise Laing leaves Mae Sot on 24 Feb 2011 to come home via a stay in Australia. However, she is going to visit our friend's family in Arakan State in Burma for a week in February first. Louise will also pick up the passports and visa results for Pirniehall's link teachers in Bangkok on the way back from Burma. If successful, those teachers hope to visit Edinburgh in March 2011.

All 3 Scottish-Burmese Global Schools Partnerships are writing reports of the last lot of funding and preparing applications for the next year, which have to be in by 1 March 2011. It's a busy time.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Campie CDC Global Schools Partnership Report

3 of the teachers who went to Mae Sot worked with Say Hei from CDC School to produce a report on our visits for DfID You can find the report at We hope you think it's worth a read!