Sunday, 8 July 2012

Lazy start, fun day

David - 7 July, Mae Sot

A lazy start to the day, as we were all shattered after lots of cycling yesterday. We finally moseyed along to Canadian Dave's and ate about 11. Livvy had cheesy beans, and she was delighted. Later, she are some chickpeas and roti, which was most unexpected.

Canadian Dave's is run by a moustachioed Canadian. His name is Dave.

After moving rooms into the newer, nicer part of DK (the older bit is fine, but a little dark, dingy and old colonial) we walked own to Borderline to meet Lisa and her kids. Lisa is originally from Edinburgh but has worked for many years in the Mae Tao Clinic, a hospital for the Burmese refugee community which also oversees CDC School.Her husband, Rocky (who is Burmese) wasn't there, but her kids Jack & Ailsa were. Thy were a bit shy at first but came out eventually and we had a lovely lunch and a good chat. We arranged to meet them for a swim at the Mae Sot Hill Resort, a fairly posh hotel but now slightly faded. It took us about 15 mins to cycle there and the outdoor pool was big and great and we had it to ourselves for ages before a man with a very hairy back arrived. The kids all had a ball and Livvy got on really well with Jack (they are very close in age) and Imogen & Ailsa, who is five, took a real shine to each other.

Seth & I played tennis for an hour (6-0, 6-0 - no mercy) which was fun, then we cycled back and as it was almost 7, got changed quickly and headed out to visit a local market. There was lots of tat, as ever, but we enjoyed watching some teenage boys having an amazing dancing competition on a thin mat on the floor near the start of the market. They were brilliant.


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