Saturday, 21 July 2012

Deep Fried Cockroaches, Angry Birds and Burmese Tea

Seth & David - 8th July, Mae Sot
After a nice breakfast at a small coffee shop opposite the DK, Theing Niang - one of the Burmese teachers who stayed with us in Musselburgh last year - came to take us out for the morning.
Maya had been ill in the night with headaches and a fever so she stayed in (Sheila & Geoff were staying at the hotel so they kept an eye on her). It was a shame as she would have loved cycling to, then walking the bikes through, a packed food market with various delicacies including deep fried locusts and cockroaches and three (live) fat frogs in a satsuma bag for 5 Baht (about 10p).
To be fair, there was lots of nice-looking stuff too - prawns, various grilled fish and some attractive-looking sushi including the obligatory Angry Birds-themed sushi. Angry Birds is everywhere - t-shirts, caps, toys, sushi, etc. I wouldn't be surprised to see it on a dead frog any day soon.
Theing Nang (pronounced Thay-Nigh) took us to a Burmese tea stall, where Gaynor, Seth & I tried Burmese tea, sweetened with condensed milk and sugar (not as bad as it sounds) and Burmese rice doughnut-type things (also OK). We started chatting about the situation in Burma and with the exiled Burmese community in the border region....

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