Sunday, 8 July 2012

Impressions of CDC

Maya, 6th July
It is strange to finally arrive at CDC after hearing so much about it and seeing lots of photos. It is also really great to see Say Hei again after she stayed in our house last year. Just having a look around CDC was utterly amazing, it is a very different way of life from back in Scotland and all the equipment is pretty basic. However despite the basic materials and small classrooms, everyone we came across had beaming smiles. It was a very humbling experience and made all of us able to appreciate how lucky we are.

We had a chat with Muir Nunt in the new teacher staff room - which had the two embroideries Immy did on the wall! - and he explained to us how CDC was struggling to feed the children as most of the funding was going directly to the Burma democracy movement inside Burma rather than the schools for Burmese refugee children. It was very sad but Muir Nunt did not tell it in a way that he wanted pity. He was very matter-of-fact about everything. Muir Nunt would be ideal to come over to Campie as he is young, works very well with all the children and a really nice guy. However, it is difficult for him to get a passport.

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