Saturday, 21 July 2012

Good morning teacher 2

Before we left Scotland Sheila had said we wouldn't get away with not teaching - and she was right. She'd suggested keeping it simple by taking photos of Campie School around each class and expolaining what was happening. We collected lots of photos of Campie, but Sheila only managed to get one set laminated s we divvied them up and off we went.
David had Immy and Seth and I had Maya and Livvy. Walking into the classroom was the first surprise as everyone stood up, put their hands in prayer position and said "Good morning teacher!" Wow. We talked about Scottish schools, particularly Campie and Musselburgh Grammar and what happens during a normal day at Campie. Sheila had said the kids wouldn't ask many questions, but we had the youngest and they were fabulous. We had "Do you have many trees?" as trees provide important shade here; "Do you have a flagpole?" as they ave to raise the Thai flag every morning and sing to it!; but my favourite question came after showing the class photos of our lovely Campie nursery and telling them about the children playing, a little boy asked when the nursery children have to work. While Sheila was in a different part of the school teaching all about emotional intelligence and how Scottish schools are now concentrating on the early years to create confident, well established and happy children, I tried (with my limited understanding) to explain this to a wee boy in Grade 2 (P3 to us). The children really listened and when I asked who thought they should let children play in the nursery and early years at CDC, every hand shot up in the air. Magic. I did explain about learning through play (if Gillian is reading). The kids were quite confident and had a real laugh. We all sang heads, shoulders, knees and toes, and the kids were just great.
Lisa dropped Jack and Ailsa off when we were half way through, so Livvy got totally distractedad went to play with them. Actually before this she was amazing, and was really taking part in everything. Maya was great as expected. I'm so proud of them.
Our translater They They Lin looked about 17 and was an English teacher at CDC, he had also attended the school. He had done very basic training, but was really good with the kids and had a good laugh with them.
We managed to get around four classes before lunch, but the other lot did all six, so after lunch we swapped photos and did a class each.
It was a wonderful experience and an amazing day. It was great to be with the kids and the staff and to feel a part of everything. It's so comfortable beng here with our friends. Amazing.
Livvy stayed at CDC with Jack, while the rest of us and Ailsa went to theclinic for a tour. More of that later.

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