Sunday, 8 July 2012


Seth - 6 July, Mae Sot
After the bike ride through Mae Sot, we headed in to C.D.C. As we entered the small village around C.D.C we were greeted by lots of smiles and waves by the very lovely people. As we entered the school complex we were greeted by Say Hei. We walked our bikes in the school yard and heard drumming and singing. Then as we got into the school we saw about twenty 16-17 year olds boys and girls doing a very strange but excellent dance (something that is less common at Musselburgh Grammar) under a roofed shelter. When we asked Say Hei (and Muir Nunt, a male teacher) about the dance, she explained to us that it was a traditional Karen dance. After that Say Hei led us through a hallway, at the start of the hallway there was a wall dedicated to Campie and the link, it had a lot of photos of children at Campie as well as some of Thieng Naing and our family which was strange coming half way round the world to see photos of yourselves. I will let the other describe the rest of our time at C.D.C ..........

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