Sunday, 8 July 2012


So after a meal at the night market, me Imogen, Dad and Maya were all making our way back to Canadian Dave's to meet the others when we noticed a glass display cabinet selling animals. We all had a look and noticed what appeared to be a human heart. We then relished it was a frog with what looked like its brain out on top. Then Imogen and Dad walked away and I went in a world of my own when (according to Maya) a man popped hishead around the corner of the display cabinet and said "frog" in what Maya described as a questioning way. As the story later got repeated, Maya explained that the man had a shower cap on, this made us doubt if the story was true or not, however Maya still insists that it happened.
Also when we were walking back, we saw a dead rat under a car. Imogen didn't notice the rat but screamed. Turns out she stood on her shoelace and thought it was the rat's tail. This gave us a bit of a giggle as well.

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  1. Sounds like you've been having some interesting experiences! Just back to Scotland and am catching up on what's been happening in Mae Sot. Hard to believe how humbling it is to meet the wonderful people there and the spirit of the CDC community. And so pleased you were able to bring some funds to help buy food for the children, they will be very grateful. Hope everyone is well and best wishes to Sey Hei and Myoe Nyant (if you are still there). Alicia