Sunday, 8 July 2012

Impressions of CDC

Seth - 6 July, Mae Sot
A normal day in the life of Musselburgh Grammar usually means a lot of moaning about teachers, mucking about and kids taking their great standard of education for granted. I can guarantee that if a lot of people had the chance to come to CDC, their attitude would chance drastically.

As we walked around CDC and around the boarding house, you could feel a sense of gratitude for their education and housing. The children who board at CDC don't moan about the fact that they live in a small shelter, or the fact that they have to share a one man bed with another pupil, or even the fact that the classrooms are tiny and the classes are large.

They are thankful for the fact they have a roof over their heads, they are grateful that they have a bed to sleep on, and they feel lucky that they have a teacher who will teach them. And even though they have so little, they are happy. All the children who we met today were all smiling and all happy. And although all of the children in the grammar have so much more than these children, they still feel the right to moan, to muck about and to not take their education seriously. So if there is one thing that I could take out of this trip it would be to realise how lucky I really am and how I shouldn't take my education, house, food, money and family for granted and I should feel privileged that I have all of these amazing things

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