Sunday, 8 July 2012

Boarding houses at CDC

Imogen - 6 July
After we had looked around and seen a little bit of CDC Say Hai wanted us to see her boarding house. It was only a ten minute walk round some rice fields and you were there. On the way one of the women staying in another house gave Livvy a bag of sweet/crisps, Liv didn't know how to react so just took them and walked away witha confused look on her face. She smiled and said thank-you though when we told her it was ok and they just thought she was very different and pretty. Shelia said she was like a Scottish princess!!! Anyway we got to the boarding house and parked our bikes then walked down the path and saw the first room in the boarding house, it was quite big and it looked like some kind of lesson was going on which confused us a bit. It made sense when Muir Nunt told us that it was an after school English class for older children about 15-17.

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