Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hello Mae Sot!

Maya, 5th July
We arrived at Mae Sot around tea time after a very very long day travelling from Kanchaniburi. We had our own private taxi and we were all very comfortable. We stopped a few times and went to KFC for lunch at a service station, it was my first ever KFC so it was rather bizarre having it in a Thai service station. There was also some Ed Sheeran and aJessie J cover playing and everything felt very Western. It couldn't have been more different when we got to Mae Sot. Everything is very local and there is few tourists here, when we are on the streets we stand out due to the fact we are pale skinned (me to the extreme) and are a large family with younger kids. Mai Sot is filled with a variety of people due to it location next to the Burma border, there is Koren, Burmese, Thai and others.
It is great to finally get to Mae Sot and I am very excited to go to CDC and meet the children and the school teachers including Say Hai and Thein Naing It is slightly surreal being here after we have talked about it for so long.

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