Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bike to CDC

Livvy - 6th July
In the morning we got up at 9:40 went to Canadian Dave's for breakfast, came back met Sheila , Bobo ( a burmese friend) and Geoff and arranged to meet outside the hotel, walked to Bobo's shop and got our bikes. Bobo could not find the right size of bike for me so I got a backy from Maya. All 8of us got a bike and our bike had to get the brakes fixed. Seth's got oil on his. Then we set off, we had to cycle across the Thai motorway to get to C.D.C. It was quite scary for all of us and it was dangerous. We then went onto a street of C.D.C and the nursery and boarding houses for some of the kind and friendly children of the school . We got to the nursery and all of us parked our bikes.

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