Sunday, 8 July 2012

Food Market

Maya, 7th July
After watching the break dancers in the street for a while Sheila led us to a food market. When we came in Sheila pointed out a row of corrugated iron shacks. One year when she came to Mae Sot she had met a young girl in there who lived with 5 other members of her family in this tiny room. It was very sad that it is normal for people to live like this and it made me appreciate our nice house back home in Musselburgh very much. Mum, Sheila, Livvy and Geoff left us at the market to go and eat at Canadian Dave's, leaving Dad, Seth, Immy and me to try the Thai food at an outdoor restaurant in the market. The food was lovely and once again Seth ordered a dish way to spicy for him and ended up trading with Dad. It was a strange experience eating there though as there was a strange mix of wealth and poverty. There were young child beggars coming up to the tables and the iron shack houses metres away from where we were sitting yet all the surrounding food stalls had flat screen TV's. After we had finished our meal we headed along to Canadian Dave's to meet the rest of our posse.

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