Sunday, 8 July 2012

Crazy bikes and Casa Mia

Cycling to CDC was pretty hairy, with lots of  cars and vans parked at the side of the road to negotiate, with bikes, mopeds, cars, vans and people and dogs everywhere. Oh, and a one-way system to negotiate too. With Livvy on the back of Maya's bike, it felt a bit risky, but everyone handled it well.
At night, on the way to eat at Casa Mia, it was even hairier as we were cycling in the dark with no lights. Still, everyone plays the game, respects your personal space and manoeuvres around you.
Geoff, who is 64 but a mean cyclist, led the way very skilfully. Sheila was easy to spot in her turquoise t-shirt or turquoise poncho!
Casa Mia is great - a brilliant range of Thai, Burmese and Western food. I had a Burmese pumpkin curry which was fab, while Seth - who has eaten Thai all week, including rice soup for breakfast one day in Bangkok - finally went for comfort food and had fish and chips. Sheila was told she is allowed to talk to Livvy about anything but food, as she and Liv have the same culinary range.

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