Saturday, 21 July 2012

Ice cream shop

Livvy - 8th July
After going to Mae Tao clinic, we went back to the hotel and Sheila said she would take us for an ice cream at a new ice cream shop. When we got there, we chose our ice cream and topping . I watched them make the ice cream (they got a big block of ice cream of the flavour you asked for and put it in their machine, twisted the handle and held the bowl underneath and got shavings from the block. I got chocolate ice cream with jelly balls, Geoff got blueberry ice cream with mango as a topping, dad got coffee ice cream with chocolate sauce , Immy got vanilla with caramel sauce and jelly balls, Sheila had coconut ice cream with chocolate sauce and Seth got mango ice cream with strawberry sauce. It was AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!

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