Friday, 1 July 2011

Two Sleeps!

Well school is over and the time has nearly come for another trip to Mae Sot. Keep watching the blog over the next few weeks to keep updated on our adventures. If the blog tickles your fancy for a bit more of Burma I would recommend Little Daughter by Zoya Phan (which I've not had the time to finish yet - 1/2 to go and only this afternoon to read it - before I return to the library). It is an easy read - considering - and from what I have read so far is a typical (ish) Karen life story. Also Lisa Houston is mentioned in the acknowledgements - I can only assume it's our Lisa from Mae Tao clinic. Happy summer! Miss Macnaughton

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  1. Yes, Miss Macnaughton, that's our Lisa. She'll be speaking at our Burma Night on 18 August in Campie School at 7pm. She's over here to visit family. 1 sleep to go now so I better get into town and try and find some Thai Bahts and start packing. I cannot believe we will be there on Monday... or the long flight inbetween. See you and Miss Lendrum in Chiang Mai. We'll have your tea ready!