Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Day 4 - Thinking About Deeper Questions ?????


Today we worked with the Grade 1 and KG classes on some 'Ultimate Questions' based around why we care for others, why we need rules and why some people are bad. The children found the work quite tricky and we encouraged them to draw their answers to these questions. Their drawings are beautiful; very detailed and many demonstrate that the children seem to be more able to think more deeply before answering thought provoking questions.

We managed a short sing song in the nursery today. Gillian used puppets made from foam animals and lollipop sticks to recreate Old McDonald and 5 Little Monkeys. We also sang 5 Little Ducks, Hello Mr Sun and the Days of the Week song. The children were far more focused and engaged today. They were very excited to see us and knew it meant singing time so came and sat down straight away at our feet. Unfortunately we do not have anyone to translate in the nursery and so spending a long period of time here is a little tricky with so many children.

Our work in Grade 5 has been centred around developing the childrens' knowledge and understanding of the different questioning vocabulary...we revisited the question words WHAT? WHO? WHY? WHERE? WHEN? HOW? and to our delight some of the children extended this repertoire to include ARE? DO? IS?...during our Aung San Su Kyi question activity. The children were asked to think of 3 questions they could ask this inspirational woman if she was to walk into the class. Their questions included:

Why were you put into prison?
What did you do when you were under house arrest?
When will Burma be free again?
When can I go back to Burma?

We were elated at all their responses. This lesson obviously was so relevant for them that they were motivated to do well. Even the "big" boys (they are about 16 years old whilst the youngest members of the class were 9 or 10) spent ages talking, thinking and drawing during this period. Super! Achievement!


  1. Very super achievement, Kat and Gillian. You have worked so hard and so skilfully this week, especially since I have been out the box. Thank you loads. Sheila

  2. It's so lovely to see all my students again. The nursery have moved up to KG now. I did that kind of stuff in the nursery 2 days a week. I think it's the same stuff all year. Hellish! louise.