Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Going to Mae Sot

Going to Mae Sot on PhotoPeach

Having just arrived in Mae Sot, my first impressions are very different to how I is much more built up, with a VERY busy road system that seems really chaotic despite being one way. The air is filled with a mix of exotic spices, fumes and the ever present aroma of open drains.....We received a very warm welcome from Say Hey and her son, Ku Paw, Myoe Nuant and Kiki which made the bus journey from Chiang Mai a distant memory.

Ms Laing is coping very well with the numerous changes since last year's visit; not only did she have to stay in a new hotel in Chiang Mai...the Orchid did not impress, although the pool was glorious, but we have been 'upgraded' to the brand new plush 'executive wing' of the DK.....we have a fridge...but no balcony...let's see what changes tomorrow brings when we all meet the school staff at CDC. Miss Lendrum

It was lovely to arrive in Mae Sot, as it always is.  We do love it.  Then to be met by Say Hei and her son, Ku Paw, Myoe Nyunt and the Mae Tao Cinic car.  Then off to the DK, hoping we wouldn't be on the top floor!   

All the teachers who have been here with us before will be amazed when we show you the new DK annexe. It's a lovely house with new furnishings, cotton sheets (hurray!), a fridge to keep Geoff happy, free wifi, soft towels, tall toilet and a shower that looks good.  Oh yes and it's on the ground floor, no more hikes up those steep stairs because we forgot our bike key!.  Thank you Teacher Kiki for booking these rooms for us.  We're well chuffed.  

We went to eat at  Canadian Dave's tonight. Even Dave's changed.  He's expanded to the shop next door and was very very busy.  It was lovely to be back.  I even ate cashew and pineapple fried rice to confound those of you who think I'm not adventurous!  See, like the Campie kids, I CAN DO CHANGE!  

Miss Lendrum is nervous about tomorrow. We're having a lazy morning, then off to rent our bikes that Bobo had arranged for us in the morning. At lunchtime, we go to CDC and will pop into all the classes to say hi before meeting the primary school teachers after school to discuss this year's project. The work begins.  Ms Laing

PS Photopeach slideshow seems to have knocked our header off.... a job for SuperGeoff.... tomorrow!


  1. Glad you are all in Mae Sot safely. Hope you have a good first day at CDC,sure everyone be delighted to see you. Mags :)

  2. Change is good! Miss Lendrum, glad to hear you're embracing the traffic and joining in:-) Love to everyone in Mae Sot xxxxx

  3. Morning Ladies!
    Miss lendrum- you have curly hair! Hope the day went well for you all.It's still raining in East Lothian! Keep the photos coming. Debbie