Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Chiang Mai Chill Out

Well Miss Lendrum and Miss Macnaughton missed the first part of day catching up on some much needed sleep before refreshing ourselves in the swimming pool with a few laps!

Sheila and Geoff found this safe looking child's seat on a Saungtaw! Interesting - think braking would result a child being catapulted into next year.
We then went to meet Stuart Simpson and Murray Forgie for a coffee to catch up on the life and times of Chiang Mai. Lovely to see the guys as always.

Off to snooze - lets hope we don't do another 14 hour stint or we'll miss the bus to Mae Sot.


Miss Lendrum's first impression is that Chiang Mai is very western.


  1. Looks like at least one day of relaxation in Chaing Mai. You'll need to rest up for the ride to Mae Sot. Take some snacks and drinks to see you through.
    Alicia x (still waiting)

  2. Great seeing you all yesterday! Hope that the weather stays kind and that you miss out on the torrential rain that Mae Sot has had of late. Looking forward to the blogging and to seeing Geoff and Sheila in ten days time!