Friday, 8 July 2011

Day 2 - Welcome and Question Work with the CDC Children.

Day 2 at CDC - Assembly and Question Work. on PhotoPeach

Day two started VERY early in the morning with a 7am cycle to 'Casa Mia' for breakfast and planning for the day ahead at CDC. Ms Laing and Miss MacNaughton were so pleased to see the same waitress and Miss Lendrum loved her tropical fruit platter and Scottish tea (courtesy of Ms Laing!). Afterwards, the journey on two wheels continued to CDC...

Ms Laing started the school day off with a Welcome Assembly. Say Hei introduced us after the daily ritual of the rising of the Thai national flag to the Thai national anthem - this year accompanied by a drum and flute style band. We then led the singing of 'I Feel Good' (a Fischy favourite from last year) as well as introducing a new one - 'Why?' which fits with our Ultimate Questions project. We also brought Grade 1 out to the front of the hall to sing 'I Can Clap My Hands' - another fav from last year.They were great - if not a little star struck.

Miss Lendrum and I then headed off with Myoe Nuant to spend the morning with Grade 1 and Kindergarten, and the afternoon with Grade 5B. The children were really pleased to receive a question from a friend in Scotland and did a fabulous job of trying to draw or write an answer that their friend would understand. They then made up their own questions that we will take back to Campie and Say Hei will return the answers to them on her return journey in the Autumn term.

The children wanted to know things such as:

What does your house look like?
Do you have a zoo?
Are you well and comfortable?

Grade 1
Are your toys beautiful?
Are you happy going to school?
Do you have children that are orphans?
Do you have any refugees like us?

Grade 5
How many students at your school?
Are you happy living in Scotland?
Who is your best friend?
What do teachers do during summer vacation?

Ms Laing did the same lessons in the middle school classes - they answered the Campie childrens' questions and will make up their own questions next week.

Today it was lovely spending time with the children again - they are so welcoming and respectful. The staff are so humble and generous. The enormous amount of food that appeared at lunch time for us to eat was totally unexpected - we tried hard to try all the different Thai delicacies e.g. vegetable fritters, onion fritters, prawn stir fry, spicy vegetable salad, rice and crunchy noodles (which were a little like crisps).

Although we love spending time at CDC we are all looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday where we can relax a bit before 4 crazy school days next week.

Day 2 - Welcome and Question Work at CDC on PhotoPeach


  1. Great photos! The wee boy in the red vest in gorgeous x Doing a great job, girls.

  2. The comment above was from me, sorry! Forgot about the anonymous thing. Debbie

  3. Enjoy your weekend...sounds like you deserve a rest!:)