Tuesday, 12 July 2011

CDC Boarding House

Another day another thought provoking visit. There is no way you can come away from the boarding house without feeling an enormous sense of guilt and disgust with yourself. All the little things we take for granted and moan about at home e.g. that washing machine that needs fixed, that wallpaper we are bored of, the drawer that is overflowing because we have bought too many clothes (that don't fit) or the food we throw out weekly as we have over indulged.
80 girls live at Say Hei's Boarding House.1 boy who is an orphan that Say Hei has taken under her wing and 7 girls who are orphans. They live together as a large family unit. The whole thing works as everyone plays their role for the week in the rota and jobs get done without a fuss. This afternoon we watched as the girls returned from school, quickly changed, unloaded the dirty lunch dishes and started emptying the waste water from the plates and clothes washing, with buckets, into the drains outside. All with a smile!
They really are an inspiration to us all.

As with yesterday's Mae Tao Clinic blog we have not included any photos, as we did not take any. We wanted to maintain peoples' privacy and dignity.

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