Saturday, 9 July 2011

Saturday in Mae Sot - an assortment of photos

Today Kat and Gillian went swimming in the posh hotel on the outskirts of town.  When they came back, we had a visit from 2 of Louise's friends, who brought round what Louise left behind for us to bring home.  They kindly borrowed a big car to take us to the Border, where we walked by the River Moei, looking over to Burma. The border is still closed so we couldn't go over. We did a bit of haggling in the Border Market, came home, went to TESCO - yes it's even here! - and ate at the night market, which I HATE. UGH! I now have a sore tummy. :(

In the summertime... on PhotoPeach

The border between Burma and Thailand has been closed for a year. However, Burmese people come over to Thailand illegaly on either large tyre tubes or, as you see here, on a boat. It used to cost 100 kyats but now it costs 500 kyats. When you get off, after paying your 500 kyats, you have to pay another 500 kyats at a gate. The owner of the boat has to pay the Burmese police a cut of the fees.

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