Monday, 18 July 2011

Thinking Classroom Foundation, Chiang Mai

Today, we visited our dear friend, Dr Thein Lwin at his Migrant Learning Centre in Chiang Mai. 
Dr Thein Lwin is a very radical and powerful educator who has led the way in Critical Thiinking for Burmese teachers and schools.  His experience and research have led him to develop Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking and he trains Burmese teachers on both sides of the Thai Burma border in this style of learning.
Dr Thein Lwin has always supported our Global Schools Partnerships.  As ever, he is full of considered thought and understanding about the situation for Burmese education.  You can see him here inbetween my husband and I.  Thank you Thein Lwin, as ever for your gracious hospitality and discussion.  Sheila


  1. Sheila and the team,
    I've just come back from holiday and thoroughly enjoyed reading all your blog entries from your trip. It makes me very jealous that I'm not out this year again visiting Say Ta Nar. You have achieved such fantastic work in such a short space of time. Safe trip home and hopefully catch up soon. Claire from Pirnie x

  2. Claire, lovely to hear from you and thanks for commenting. You know very well how encouraging that is out here. I visited Pho Cho and Nee Shar last Friday and had a very good long private discussion with them about the situations at Pirnie and Say Ta Nar. Mary had asked me to do that. Thein Lwin also shared some information with me. So I will report back to you in the next few weeks. We missed you here too. The evenings were pretty quiet without our Forthview and Pirnie pals and with Lisa away in Edinburgh. Talk soon. Sheila