Wednesday, 13 July 2011

DAY 5 - CDC 'Why Should We Care For Others?'

DAY 5 - CDC on PhotoPeach

Today we worked with the children to display some of their questions, photographs and drawings to share with the other CDC classes and teachers. The children really enjoyed helping us to create the wall montage and then had great fun exploring it with their friends.
The Grade 1 children worked with a talking partner today...they were thinking deeply about the BIG question, 'Why should we care for others?'. Then they shared their thoughts, feelings and answers in a class 'Thought Shower' session. We also shared the P2 Campie children's answers to this question with the CDC children and many of their answers were the same. The CDC children then worked collaboratively drawing around each other's hands because we talked about how we can show that we care for others with our our friends a cuddle, sharing, holding hands...
In Grade 5, the students completed their Aung San Su Kyi BIG questions and we explained to the students that their work is going to be exhibited in the local Burmese Health Clinic called Mae Tao and a popular restaurant called 'Casa Mia'. The students and teachers were very excited and proud of what they have achieved. We explained that we wanted to share their excellent thought provoking questions and beautiful portraits of Aung San Sui Kyi with their own and the wider community of Mae Sot.
It has been one of the most rewarding days so we both feel that the children have been teaching and the teachers that we have been working with are fully engaged with the different teaching and learning approaches that we have used. Many of the children have a good understanding of the different question words and the older children have demonstrated a greater ability to think more deeply about how to phrase their questions using more complex question vocabulary.


  1. Wow girls! Sounds like you are all working so hard. Really impressed with the blog and the brilliant posts. Questioning skills can be difficult to teach but it sounds like you are doing a fab job. Take care. Debbie

  2. guys are doing great!Its brilliant that you are engaging kids and teachers alike...just fab! Mags :)