Sunday, 17 July 2011

Buying stationery

Part of the Global Schools Funding for this year's project provides resources for the learning theme.  We were able to give CDC 5000 Thai Bahts to buy resources for making and displaying children's work at CDC.  So I went with Say Hai and Khu Paw to the stationery shop.  They were SO SCARED to spend the money.  "AArgh! 6 bahts for a piece of display paper. It's so expensive."

 "It's OK.  You can afford it. You have to spend 5000 Thai Bahts." They went back to CDC, loaded with paper, post its, display paper, scissors, wax crayons, tape and much more.
"We will write letter to say thank you to British Government and Global School Partnerships."

Humbling, eh?

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