Sunday, 10 July 2011

Monday Lurgy

Oh dear, my sore tummy has developed into full blown TD (traveller's diarrhoea and vomiting) so I've slept through Saturday night, after the dreaded night market meal, and Sunday.  Well, I did make it up to Casa Mia to meet our friends Niamh, Jack and Onya but then Jack had to take me home mid meal to hurl.  So the teachers have gone to CDC on their own today.  Geoff says my brain is back so hopefully I am on the mend. The teachers will blog their Monday adventures later. Ms L


  1. Oh Sheila... you will now have a new chapter of terrible toilet tales to regale the staff room!
    Glad that you are having a great time and that if you ar ill, you at least have the comfort of the revamped DK to languish in!
    Love from us both!
    Murray and Stewart

  2. Oh dear, sounds nasty!