Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Jags at School

Hurray, this afternoon, I was well enough to get back up to CDC (by tuk tuk not bike), teach for 2 lessons, show Myoe Nyunt how to blog before Geoff brought a tuk tuk to take me home..... where I promptly threw up!  Except I had nothing to throw up as all I've eaten yesterday and today is a wee plate of mashed tatties!  Anyway, I can hear you all saying too much information.... there is actually more information but I'm being restrained!  Back to the story.

As I was working with Grade 6, answering Campie students' questions, a few children at a time were going out then coming in silently or very loudly wailing.  Yes, it's injection day at school today. 


  1. Didn't you get one like I did at CDC? louise

  2. I had enough jags to come here Louise! But I do remember being shocked when you blogged that photo of you getting a jag at school.