Sunday, 3 July 2011

En Paris

Nous sommes en Paris and there's only 2 cafes in Charles De Gaulle airport. How weird is that. We've had a 5hr wait here but at least we're well. Poor MissMacnaughton was ill last night and today and she's still coming. She should be in London now and Miss Lendrum is flying to London as we speak. They meet there then fly to somewhere in India where they change for Bangkok. Our 12 hour flight is from Paris to Bangkok. CDC seems a long way away..... Ms L


  1. Hi
    Looking forward to following the blog. Hope the journey goes well and keep safe

    Steven Wray

  2. Safe travels to all of you, long journies with those connections. Keep us all up to date on the excitement in Mae Sot and how everyone is doing.

    ps- maybe just post a reminder for responses to use Anonymous!

  3. Hope the journey has been ok so far. Thinking of you all.
    Great to be able to keep up to date with your travels and exploits.