Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Today we go to Mae Sot

It's 9am and we're up for breakfast, which Miss Macnaughton and Miss Lendrum slept right through yesterday. They didn't wake up until 1pm. We thought they'd gone sightseeing but they were snoring in their beds. Today however, Miss Lendrum is back to normal. Many of you know that means she's at the gym at the crack of dawn before school. There is a gym here but it's a bit creepy so here is Miss Lendrum, on lap 121 of the hotel swimming pool, while the rest of us drag ourselves out of bed. It's another hot and sunny day here in Chiang Mai. We leave at 1.10pm on the Green Bus, arriving at Mae Sot at 6.40pm. It's time to leave those western toilets behind and start squatting. Joy!


  1. Weather looks lovely. Pool looks lovely. Squatty toilets don't sound quite so lovely! Hope your journey onwards to Mae Sot goes smoothly. Take care everyone. Trisha x

  2. Glad you had a good rest - enjoy Mae Sot


  3. On to the next leg. Yopu will get some practice in on your bike for your new post here!!!

    The child seat is an interesting idea!

    Thinking ofyou for the next bit of the journey.


  4. Dx .... who are you? Dianne?