Saturday, 24 September 2011

Say Hai and Thein Naing Land Safely in Sunny Scotland!

Woo hoo they have arrived safely!Was going to say it has been a long time in coming but this time it has been the complete opposite of Say Hai’s last visit and we have literally known for just over a week!

Lovely to see them both again! Miss Lendrum, Miss Macnaughton, Gaynor, Imogen, Livvy, Amy and Emma all arrived at the airport to meet our Burmese visitors. They looked a little travel weary and I suspect they are already tucked up in bed to recover from the long journey.

Sweet dreams – the Campie children can’t wait to see you on Monday.
ps They chose the right weekend to come the weather has been glorious today! Must have brought the sun from Thailand - brilliant.

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