Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Say Hei's Tuesday in Scotland

Say Hei and Paw Ray went to bed on Monday at 8pm. They were so tired but they woke up at 2am! So at 5am, they were in the Headteacher's kitchen cooking rice and chicken. Ms Laing snored through it all!

Say Hei's Tuesday in Campie on PhotoPeach

Paw Ray went to London today to speak to important people about helping the Burmese and Karen families living in Thailand. So Say Hei came to Campie for the first time.

Ms Laing and Say Hei took all morning to meet 14 of Campie's 18 classes. Say Hei loved the bright classrooms and could not believe that in P2 the children had 5 jotters for their work. In CDC, they only have 1. In CDC the children sit on benches and each class has 42 children so the children are squashed together on the benches.

In the afternoon, you can see Khaing Maung Maung came to assemblies to interpret for Say Hei. P4-7 listened superbly as they always do when they hear about Burma. Khaing, Say Hei and Ms Laing told them about the Karen and Burmese armies fighting in Myawaddy, near Mae Sot. We are glad that Say Hei's boarding house girls are all safe and living in CDC just now. She told us they've been cooking food for the new refugees.

What impressed Say Hei most was the excellent questions Campie children asked her. Some were so difficult to answer but Khaing helped us in the afternoon. Questions like...

Q. Do you have a pet?
Q. How many children do you have?
Q. Do you like Burma or Thailand best?
Q. Do you think in Burmese or English, Khaing?
Q. Do the children play football?
Q Does anyone in Burma make a sacrifice for others?
Q. Why did you come to Thailand?
Q Did the soldiers see you come to Thailand?
Q Were you afraid?
Q. How many students in your school?
Q. When did the trouble start in Burma?
Q. Would you fight the soldiers?
Q. When will the fighting stop?
Q. Are you cold?
Q. Are you tired?
Q What writing do children do in CDC?

and on and on and on and .... just brilliant... well done Campie kids.


  1. My son told us all about the assembly when he got home. The children seem to be enjoying learning about Burma and my son's been teaching me a thing or two too, especially the story of Aung San Suu Kyi. look forward to reading more soon.

  2. Wow, such fantastic questions! I told Myo Nyunt to read the blog. I want to hear more about Say Heh's adventures in Scotland. I can't wait to see her when she gets back and hear all her stories!

    How surreal that we swapped places. She's in Scotland and I'm in Thailand.

    Ms Laing's daughter.

  3. WOW. I just watched the photos and there are so many things to point out.
    Kat's hair is brown!
    Khaing has a beard, he looks strange.
    The children look gorgeous, Say Heh must think they're all so beautiful.
    I cannot believe she's teaching them how to write in Burmese!!
    The children seem so excited to learn about Burmese culture, look at their Mingalaba pose!
    Is Say Heh eating Mohinga?
    What do the children think of Say Heh's Karen shirt?


    Ms Laing's daughter.

  4. Oh Louise, I am sorry you are having such a hard time. Khaing was laughing because I told him you were afraid of the mouse because you used to torture him with your 'mouse'.

    Kat's hair is very different and lovely and assymetrical. Khaing's mum would go crazy because his hair is SO long and he has a fluffy face! Say Hei is doing amazing with her language. Do you know there is not a Burmese word for amazing or awesome? She's eating chicken curry and today she had steak pie. They love her Karen clothes but haven't seen them properly because she is too cold to take her coat off! I love you. Enjoy Chiang Maia and your Uncle Stewart and Uncle Murray and your Heinz tomato soup. Love, mum

  5. I'm so nervous hearing about campie children interested to Burma . i' m very proud of say hai very brave to talk with children. i think she will excited about the question and children. Campie children can write burmese font . They are so clever. i want to meet with them and discuss about the Burma.
    Do they think Burma can have Democracy?
    If they are us(burmese nationalities) How can they help or do for peace? and what will they decided for their country (burma)? Can they suggest to us ... pls?
    Can you ask and compare about that? Ms Laing!

    Myoe Nyunt
    C.D.C school
    I'm so sad to talk about that

  6. i forgot something for joke.
    last night Louise catch mouse. she get it . But she so afraid of it and she call me to take out at 3;00 am. i think what happen with Louise i worried so much. When i heard about the happening. i want to laugh so much. So it is funny for us . On the other way i can understand her because i think she haven't experience about it. When i look at her, i see she was very scared. after i take out the mouse, i give back the plate to her. She didn't need it . she said " i'm so afraid............................'

  7. @ Myoe,

    yes my son also told me all about learning to write in Burmese. I was very impressed. This is a fantastic experience for the children of Campie. It is also opening my eyes as a parent to things that are happening in Burma that I would otherwise have been ignorant of.

  8. How lovely, Myoe Nyunt, that a Campie Parent has written to you here. This link is very precious.

  9. He he now know what you meant when you asked if I had read the blog Ms Laing.

    Lou - I think the hair colour confused Say Hei - to be honest getting off that long flight would confuse anyone easily!

    Myoe Nyunt - it is so lovely to hear from you. The scarves are gorgeous. I had mine on today and Alicia and Hannah had their's on yesterday. Love the pink and white fluffy one you made Say Hei - fabulous. She was very coordinated wearing it with a pink hat and pink top! You would have been impressed.

    Say Hei is doing great. My children were so excited having her listen to our Christmas Show songs and finding out that Aung San Suu Kyi was free - or so we thought. We are all off for a Thai meal tonight! Looking forward to it.
    Love Miss Macnaughton (teacher Kat)