Saturday, 7 August 2010


Miraculously, after all that hard work by so many people, Say Hei, Pho Cho and Nee Shar got their visas to travel to the UK. Well, when I say 'got, what I mean is someone needs to travel to Bangkok to collect the visas but they are approved and ready. Louise was going to collect them but she's not well enough so Lisa is sorting it out. This is fantastic news.
PS Louise is now out of hospital and recuperating at home in Homestay.


  1. Hi Sheila,
    Sorry to here that Lousie has not been well and i hope that she is getting on ok. Great news about visas and nice to hear that Maureen Jobson has been looking at blogs. Definately up for nice dinner in September - think we deserve it! Thanks so much for all the help you and Geoff gave us - see you soon.

  2. Oh that's great news and what a relief for the teachers. Alicia