Saturday, 29 May 2010

Raised £1727 so far!

12 Campie folk and 3 Forthview folk worked really hard on Marathon Day to raise the extra money we need to bring the Burmese teachers over to Scotland in September. 4 Campie teachers ran the Marathon in a relay and the children sponsored them £412.92......WOW!
Then 11 Forthview and Campie folk worked hard as a RACE CREW all day. We managed the relay changeover at Seton Sands and we were paid £165 for that.

So all in all £577.92 raised from our Marathon efforts.

Then Campie P6 and P7 had one of the famous Campie Cake Sales on Friday and they raised £191.

Putting that with our Kilts N Longyis ceilidh and some Campie children having sales outside their houses, that brings our total for the Burmese Teacher Fund to £1727. That pays for 2 Burmese passports! And a bit left over for visas, travel to get visas and passports. We still have 2 cake sales to go, Spree books to sell and a Sponsored HOUSE ARREST to go.

Thanks to all the Forthview, Campie and Pirniehall folk making this possible.

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